Installing Jenkins on Google Cloud instance or on AWS EC2

Jenk­ins is a con­tin­ues deploy­ment tool, which helps you to build & deploy your project eas­i­ly, you just need to push your code to your code repos­i­to­ry, and then jenk­ins will take care of all stuff, it will pull your code to the appli­ca­tion serv­er & will run cus­tom com­mands like com­pos­er update etc , so that you no need  to wor­ry about deploy­ing code thats why its called as push to deploy. It comes with very easy to use GUI.

Fol­low­ing tuto­r­i­al i was doing on google cloud vm instances, same you can do on aws ec2 machines also.

cre­ate vm instance -

Install java 7 or above -


This will isntall java8 in your instance.

sudo apt-get install font­con­fig

Now install jenk­ins -


now redi­rect your brows­er to yourIp:8080

you can change port & oth­er jenkin con­fig­u­ra­tion by mod­i­fy­ing /etc/defaults/jenkins



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