Adding ANT Or Any Other Custom Tool to cPanel‘s Jailed Shell

cPan­el Jailed Shell allows your shared host­ing users to access SSH Secure­ly, But it pro­vides only few tools/Commands like ls,GIT etc. If you want your users to access more commands/Tools you can do that eas­i­ly.

I did this for ANT , i want­ed to allow cPan­el users to run ANT com­mand so that they can deploy their Java Appli­ca­tion Eas­i­ly.

Step 1: Install the Cus­tom Tool
for my case (Ant) i did that by -

sudo apt-get install ant

or yum install ant

Then get the path of your instal­la­tion you can do that by typ­ing

which ant

it will give you a path of bin file of that tools (/usr/bin/ant)

Step2: Adding it to Jailed­Shell -

Cre­ate a file-

vi /var/cpanel/jailshell-additional-mounts 

In this file add your bin file‘s path (/usr/bin/ant)

And save the file, now your oth­er users can access ant from their secured shell.

You can add more tools by adding them to this file. (one file per line)


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